Biotherm Solar Milk SPF30 75ml

Hydrating solar milk for a high level of sun protection.

Manufacturer: Biotherm



SKU: 7133027


Biotherm's Solar Milk SPF30 effectively protects the skin from damage due to the suns rays and preserves it against ageing.

Rich in vitamin E, this treatment has the benefits of antioxidents which neutralise free radicals in the skin and block their production.

This soft milk soothes the skin and stimulates its natural defenses.


SPF30 solar protection.

Directions for use

Apply the milk before exposure to the sun.

Reapply approximately every 2 hours or after swimming.


MEXORYL SX & XL complex.

Sun Sea Wind Repair Technology™: a combination of live plankton, with soothing and regenerating properties, and the antioxidant effects of Vitamin E.


75ml tube.