Biotherm Life Plankton Multi-Correction Firming Body Oil 125ml

Nourishing and firming anti-stretch mark body oil enriched with Life Plankton to act on the prevention and correction of stretch marks and on the dryness of the skin.

Manufacturer: Biotherm



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Biotherm Life Plankton Multi-Correction Anti-Stretch Mark Body Oil 125ml helps to improve the elasticity of the skin while deeply nourishing it.

It is an intensive corrective body treatment that tries to prevent dryness and tightness, causing unwanted stretch marks.

Its texture enriched with natural oils, including olive oil and sweet almond oil, ensures perfect hydration while the plankton water of life offers a high regenerating power.

After continued use, your skin will look and feel more perfected, smoother and nourished.

80% of women are affected by stretch marks. These small body stripes are caused by a tear in the elastic fibres that support the skin.

Life Plankton's Multi-Correction Body Oil 125ml is a genuine targeted treatment that effectively prevents and corrects stretch marks thanks to its formula, which is concentrated in 3 plant oils with complementary actions. Day after day, the skin is nourished, the appearance of stretch marks is reduced and the quality of the skin is improved.

Active ingredients of natural origin:
- Canola Oil: to relieve dry areas of the skin
- Sweet Almond Oil: used for its soothing action, it softens and strengthens the skin
- Olive Oil: packed with essential fatty acids, it deeply nourishes the skin
- Plankton of Life: rich in minerals, it acts on cell renewal 


Nourishing and firming anti-stretch mark oil
For all skin types, even sensitive skin
Made in France

Directions for use

Which anti-stretch mark routine to adopt?

Stretch marks are a real concern during pregnancy, but also throughout a woman's life.
For a preventive and corrective effect, it is essential to use appropriate care products.
Step 1: To start your stretch mark routine, exfoliate your skin with Bath Therapy Scrub. This will reveal your skin's radiance and remove dead skin cells to improve the absorption of the nourishing oil.
Step 2: Then apply your Life Plankton Multi-Correction Body Oil by massaging it into your chest, stomach, hips and thighs in a circular motion morning and evening. 


Olea europaea fruit oil / caprylic olive oil / capric triglyceride canola oil octyldodecanol, isocetyl stearate, hexyldecanol, hexyldecyl laurate, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil / sweet almond oil, helianthus annuus seed oil / sunflower oil, tasmannia leaf extract water, cholesterol, vitreoscilla ferment, citric acid, tocopherol, parfum / scent, thread 863603 18.