Bionike Defence Sun Stick SPF 50+ 9ml

Colourless high protection sun protection stick balm for extra sensitive and delicate areas (nose, lips, scars etc.). Water-resistant. 
Manufacturer: Bionike
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The Bionike Defence Sun 50+ Sun Stick for Sensitive Areas from Bionike allows you to achieve high protection for delicate and fragile areas including the nose, lips, scars, cheekbones to beauty spots. Its balm stick format makes for easy and precise application. The skin is left protected from the sun in line with Bioknike's Defense Sun range safety charter providing broad spectrum solar protection from UVA and UVB rays with a resistant and waterproof texture (against water and perspiration) and high photostability. The Defense Sun range is also enriched with "Raksaa Complex" (meaning 'protection' in Sanskrit) in order to fight against skin ageing. It provides anti-oxidant protection (thanks to its vitamin E content), maintains skin hydration (due to Panthenol and Allantoin) and soothing and calming action (through a combination of Bionike's patented ß-Glucane/L-Carnosine). Its transparent and colourless texture leaves no unpleasant marks or stains on the skin and it is also perfect for sensitive and intolerant skin types thanks to Bioknike's 'Free-from philosophy'. offering products without preservatives, fragrance, gluten and which are nickel tested. 


Very high protection sun care for skin with specific delicate areas. Especially recommended for fair skin types which are extra sensitive and intolerant when exposed to the sun. 

Recommended Use:

Apply before going out into the sun and re-apply regularly (at least every 2 hours) as well as after bathing.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not consumption. 


ß-Glucane/L-Carnosine: A patented association to stimulate the natural defenses of the skin and combat the action of free radicals.Film-forming copolymer: Retains surface filters onthe skin to allow the product ot resist water.UVA and UVB chemical photostablisers: (Methoxycinnamate, Methoxyphenyl triazine derivative (Tinosorb S)) and minerals (Titanium dioxide micronized). Vitamin E: Lipophilic antioxidants to protect oxidative damage of cellular membranes. Rich fats: Guaranteeing high protection and an unctuous creamy spread. 


1 stick balm 9ml.