Bionike Defence Color Silky Touch N411 Mole 3g

Shade eyeshadow compact. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested.
Manufacturer: Bionike
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Shadow has eyelids


The Color Silky Touch Mole Defence allows a gentle makeup sensitive eyes thanks to the philosophy of without from laboratory BIONIKE: without preservatives, fragrance-free, gluten-free and nickel tested. This eyeshadow has year extra fine, smooth and silky texture to the touch. The color is vibrant, subtly Pearly to catch the light. For a smooth application, Silky Touch eyeshadow apply preferably with a soft brush and hypoallerginique as the brush eyes and Eyebuki Bionike. Available in 12 shades, all ophthalmologist tested on sensitive eyes and people who wear lenses.

Tips to use:

Collect gently with the applicator, eyeshadow, then place on the lid until you obtain the desired intensity. For a contrasting effect, it is recommended to use two different shades to create areas of shadow. The application will be more accurate with eyes and eyebuki of the DEFENCE COLOR line brushes.


The eye makeup for people with sensitive eyes or wearing lenses. Ophthalmologist tested.


Micronized powder (talc, silica): for immediate and fluid application. Micronised pigments: to ensure proper membership and intense colors. Treated pearls: velvet, they illuminate the eyelids. Agent texturizer (Boron Nitride): for a soft and silky application.


Case 3 g