Biofood Natural Herbs for Dogs and Cats 450g

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Dietary supplement for dogs and cats to help digestion.

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Biofood offers you a food supplement for your cats and dogs made with a blend of selected herbs to provide them with the correct vitamins and minerals needed to facilitate digestion. The natural herbs consist of:
  • Plantin
  • Seaweed
  • passionflower
  • Fennel
  • Garlic powder
  • Anise seeds
  • Rosemary
  • Oak leaves
  • And Sage


It is advisable to give half a spoonful of medication per day mixed with their food for small dogs (≤ 10 pounds), three-quarters of a spoon for medium sized dogs (10-25 pounds) and a full spoon for big dogs (≥25pounds).

For cats we advise you to give no more than half a spoon a day.

Directions for use

Stinging nettle (12.5%), fennel seed (12.5%), seaweed (bladder kelp 10.42%), plantain (10.42%), lovage (10.42%), rosemary (8.33%), oak (6.25%), bay leaves (6.25%) %), garlic powder (6.25%), hawthorn (6.25%), mistletoe (4.17%), green anise (2.08%), peppermint (2.08%), passionflower (1.04%), digest (1.04%).
Analysis: Crude protein 168 g / kg, crude fat 59 g / kg, crude ash 125 g / kg, crude fiber 144.7g / kg, moisture 88.3 g / kg.


Box 250ml.