Bioes Urban Black USB Diffuser

USB diffuser, for use in the car, on your laptop or smartphone.

Manufacturer: Bioes Aromathérapie

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Bioes Urban Black USB Diffuser is a portable, handy essential oils diffuser that works through cold ultrasonic micro-diffusion. It plugs into any USB port (computer, car or smart phone). The fine mist diffuser can be adjusted to a timer setting of your choice: 10, 30 or 60 seconds. The cool ultrasonic microdiffusion keeps the properties of essential oils, for a better result.

USB diffuser plug to use wherever you are (in the car, on your laptop or your smartphone).

Step 1: Fill the reservoir with essential oil using the pipette provided, insert and close the diffuser lid.
Step 2: Insert the diffuser into the USB port.
Step 3: Wait for the red indicator light to confirm the functioning of the diffuser.
Step 4: To select different diffuser settings, move the selector from left to right.
Step 5: A light mist is diffused.

1 diffuser USB, 1 essential oil and its cap, 1 pipette.