Bioes Aromathérapie Diffuser Sphere

Atmospheric diffusion is the simplest way to use pure essential oils. Creates a pleasant atmosphere and is beneficial to health. Learn more
Manufacturer: Bioes Aromathérapie
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Atmospheric scattering is the simplest way to use pure essential oils. Their scent promotes a pleasant atmosphere and they are beneficial to health.

The essential oil BIOES Sphere diffuser releases without having to heat them, with aromatic molecules. Keeping all their properties, they provide a healthy atmosphere, getting rid of germs and microbes. This diffuser works silently in its wooden base, with glassware to hold a small amount of essential oil as well as a power inverter.

Recommended Use:

The Electric BIOES Diffuser Sphere can be placed all around the house. It quickly cleans the atmosphere with a surface area of 40 to 100m2. With being able to choose which essential oils to diffuse, you can create the ambience you prefer, according to your desires or the theme of the evening. The remote control allows you to program 3 successive cycles of 15 minutes from diffusion with 30 minute breaks inbetween.

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1 nebuliser glass, 1 plug 360 adjustable diffuser, 1 remote control, 1 EU mains plug and 1 instruction manual.

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