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Biocanispot cat 80 box 3 pipettes

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SKU 6778350 Biocanispot cat 80 box 3 pipettes

Properties imidacloprid is a pest control external which has a high affinity for Nicotinic Receptors in the central nervous system of insects. Inhibition of cholinergic transmission (nerve) leads to paralysis and death of the insect. After dermal application, the solution is quickly spread over the entire body of the animal. instructions treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas thanks to its activity adulticide and larvicidal. It can be integrated into a programme of dermatitis allergic by bite of chip (FAD). The dog fleas are killed within 24 hours after application. One treatment prevents the re-infestations for 4 weeks. Biocanispot also acts on lice and resists rain and shampoos. instruction Route of administration: local external. -4 kg and above, use BIOCANISPOT 80 for cat: 1 x 0.8 ml caution do not treat puppies or unweaned kittens under 8 weeks. Apply the product on healthy skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and the mouth of the animal. Ensure that recently treated cats or dogs cannot lick between them.

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