Biocanina Pest Control Powder Cat 150g

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Elimination of cat ectoparasites

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Biocanina Pest Control Powder is a treatment for the elimination of cat ectoparasites such as :

  • fleas, lice,
  • ticks, aoûtats...


Treatment of flea, lice and tick infestations for cats.

Directions for use

Powder directly onto your cat's coat, paying particular attention to the places where the parasites nestle: ears, torso, belly, rump and in the folds of the coat.
Rub in with the opposite side of the coat to make the product penetrate well.
Renew once or twice a week
kittens from two months of age, do not exceed one application per week.

Keep out of the reach of children. 
Do not mix with food or swallow.
Avoid eyes and mouth.
Do not use on kittens under two months of age.
Wash hands after application.


Tetramethrin 1.8 mg
Excipients q.s.p. 1 g


Bottle 150g