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Biocanina collar cat and puppies

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SKU 6899065 Biocanina collar cat and puppies

Properties > > the effectiveness of the insecticide propoxur collar I.S. is based on a micropowder (propoxur) release from the plastic support frame, with every movement of the animal. > > the Propoxur is an original molecule that meets little resistance. > > collar activity is not altered by water. no toxicity is observed under normal conditions of employment the Propoxur is an anticholinesterase , which the antidote is Atropine. Indications Protection of the dog and cat fur from parasites (fleas, lice, ticks) for an average of 5 months. instruction attach collar to the neck of the animal without tightening (must be that the collar rotates freely). Cut off and discard the part useless. if re-infestation risks are important, it will complement the treatment with :-animal: LOTION INSECTICIDE BIOCANINA, POLYINSECTOL, PULVO- INSECTOL, SHAMPOO INSECTICIDE (liquid foam pet only or dry). -Habitat : 1) ECO-LOGIS FOGGER for premises closed. 2) ECO-LOGIS SPRAY for surfaces and objects located in the open air , that require repeated applications or that are not met by the product sprayed. Precautions for use despite the absence of toxicity of the collar in the normal conditions of use, it is recommended : > > to hold the collar out of reach of children. > > to avoid the use of the collar for dogs in cats. > > do not use in kittens and puppies under 3 months. > > do not use the collar on sick or weakened animals.

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