Biocanina Biocanipro Antiparasitic Dog Collar

Collar for dogs to repel fleas and ticks based on propoxur, an active ingredient effective for 5 months.

Manufacturer: Biocanina



SKU: 8150201


The effectiveness of the insecticide propoxur collar from Biocanina is based on a micropowder (propoxur), which is released from the collar in every movement. Propoxur is an original molecule and has a high resistance.

The collar is water-resistant.

There are no dangerous toxins released when the collar is used appropriately.

Propoxur is an anticholinesterase, of which the antidote is Atropine.


This collar protects your dog's fur from parasites (fleas, lice, ticks) for an average of 5 months.

Recommended Use:

Attach the collar around the neck of the animal without tightening (the collar must be able to move freely). Cut off the unused part left of the collar and dispose of it safely. If your dog is at a high risk of re-infestation, we recommend you also see the following treatments:

And for inside the home:

Despite there being no harmful toxins in the collar when worn correctly, it is recommended that you keep it out of reach of children. Do not use this dog collar on cats. Do not use on puppies under 3 months old. Do not use the collar on sick animals.


Propoxur, Dimpylate 4.5g.


Dog collar.