Biocanina Ascatène Wormer Dogs & Cats 10 Tablets

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Ascatène for dogs and cats is a wormer treatment for flatworm and roundworm, the most common and dangerous parasites to affect dogs and cats.

Developed by Biocanina laboratories, the wormer action of these scored tablets targets parasites through intoxication, killing them in the digestive juices of the animal. Some parasites may also be eliminated through regurgitation or via the excrements of the animal. 

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Ascatène for dogs and cats is for the treatment of infestations of the following:

- Gastro-intestinal nematodes
- Cestodes

Recommened Use:

1 tablet per 4 kg of weight of the animal. The dosage may be doubled (1 tablet per 2 kg weight) without toxic risk, to extend or reinforce the treatment.

It is advised against using this together with a piperazine treatment as the actions can neutralise one another. 


Each tablet of 692mg contains:

Active substances:
Niclosamide: 400mg
Pyrantel: 28.94mg


Box of 10 x 692mg tablets.

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