BioActive Q10 Uniquinol 30 capsules

Gives a boost to your body and naturally improves the quality of your life

Manufacturer: Pharma Nord

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SKU: 8161033 BioActive Q10 Uniquinol 30 capsules Description: natural Source of energy, coenzyme Q10, vitamin type nutrient, is provided to us by our food. We are also capable of in synthesizing small quantities in our liver. Coenzyme Q10 is the key mitochondrial biochemical process, real power plants, which produce 95% of cellular energy, however beyond 25-30 years, endogenous production decreases and coenzyme Q10 reserves decline, so it's natural that we have the feeling that our energy reserve drop with age. There is little time we did not know the importance of this coenzymze, but the researchers found that supplementation with coenzyme Q10nous allows to benefit from increased energy levels and feel in great shape.