Bio Royal Pro Spray 15ml Oral

Bio spray throat herbal honey - Mauve - Propolis - Renforcment of the immune system and fight infections

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Pro Royal Bio Spray Oral basis of Propolis, natural resin modified by bees, promotes the strengthening of the immune system and fight infections.

Properties of assets:

Propolis: antiseptic and healing properties.Purple: softening properties for the Airways.Sixty officinalis: soothing antiseptic, drying the Airways. Tonic.Hyssop: tonic for the mucous membranes of the Airways.White stock: expectorant.Wild thyme: antibacterial, antiseptic.White fir: expectorant and decongestant lung.Cypress: helps relieve the coughing fits.

Pro Royal Bio Spray Oral of laboratories Phytoceutic integrates Propolis which has bacteriostatic, antiseptic and fungicide, assets benefits of improving the immune system of the organism


Honey all flowers *; Hydroalcoholic extract * mixing plants: Mallow (Malva sylvestris) *, sixty officinale (Inula helenium) *, hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) *, white broth (Verbascum thapsus) *; Alcohol *; Hydroalcoholic extract * propolis *; Wild thyme essential oils * (Thymus serpyllum), white fir * (Abies Saccocoma) and cypress * (Cupressus sempervirens).

The view of the pharmacist:

Propolis is a waxy substance of dark color, developed by the bees and allowing these small insects to protect and clean up the hive.

Always topical, Propolis is used to enhance natural body resistances. Its sanitizing properties help to better fight against the winter season-specific attacks.

Its richness in vitamins and trace elements earned him a toning effect.