Bio-MSM + Glucosamine cream 75ml


SKU: 4432191 bio-MSM + Glucosamine cream 75 ml

For an immediate joint wellness cream Bio-MSM + Glucosamine is composed mainly by: -the MSM that reduces inflammation by increasing the effect of cortisol, anti-inflammatory substance produced by the body. Thus, it helped relieve the genes related to cartilage wear. In addition, cettemolecule contains sulfur, essential training ducollagene, useful to the bone and connective tissue. -glucosamine, indispensable to the maintenance of joints strong and flexible since it is a nutrient naturally used by the body to form complex molecules necessary to the maintenance and consolidation of joint tissues. This cream provides fast local relief of joint pain.

Directions for use: apply a DAB of cream by circular movements on the joints concerned until completely absorbed by it. Repeat: 2 - 3 times per day