Bella Super Plus 16 Tampons

Super Plus tampons for effective period protection.

Manufacturer: Bella

SKU: 1632032


Bella Super Plus Tampons have been developed to provide effective and comfortable protection from periods.

Bella Super Plus tampons are advised for heavy flows. The rounded end allow a greater absorption, and the specially designed shape adapts to fit all shapes and sizes, for comfortable, sure protection.

Made from a non-woven sheath that doesn't unravel or fall apart. 

Without applicator.

A soft and secure protection for all women.


Super Plus Tampons, for a heavy menstrual flow.

Directions for use:

Insert into the vagina as necessary.

Wash hands before and after insertion.

Caution: Remember to change your tampon often. Do not leave a tampon in for longer than 8 hours.


Box of 16 tampons.