Bebisol lollipop Physiologique rubber Blue + 6 months (ref B)

Physiological Soother Bebisol rubber is suitable for babies from 6 to 36 months, and contains no BPA.
Manufacturer: Bébisol
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Bebisol lollipop physiological rubber Blue + 6 months (Ref B)


Pacifier rubber Bebisol is indicated for the comfort of babies from 6 to 36 months while allowing them to develop good habits of swallowing.

Using advice:

Bebisol Suavinex lollipop Physiologique rubber has a physiological form with a flat part towards the language and part rounded to the Palace, the tip of the tongue is so oriented to the Palace to have good habits of swallowing. This pacifier to Cove can be hung using a lollipop attached to not to lose. 4 models available: pink, red, white and blue.

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