Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar off 0-36 months white cats 360ml

Bottle Bebisol with an anti-colique valve with a wide neck and a nipple silicone 3 speeds that fits baby age.
Manufacturer: Bébisol
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SKU 98840BC Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone pass off white cats 360 ml


anti-colique bottle of Bebisol has an anti-colique valve that limits the flow of air in the teat. The absorption of air per baby is therefore limited. The round end teat adapts and respects the physiognomy of the Palace of the child, has 3 speeds, it adapts to the child's age. Lovely grounds attractive cats.

Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique indications:

the round end teat adapts to the baby's mouth.

silicone offers improved resistance and minimizes the risk of allergies.

the wide neck facilitates the use and cleaning.

teat has 3 speeds:

  • slow flow: for the first days of baby
  • average flow: for milk and juice
  • fast: for thick liquids and the great appettits

operating tips:

to adjust the flow rate, it is necessary to place the round end indicating the flow under the baby's nose level, turn the bottle to change debit.