Beaphar Stop Ticks & Mosquitoes Spray 125ml

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Beaphar Pro has designed this spray to repel mosquitoes, ticks, mites and all other insects such as flies, horseflies and wasps. Its deet-based formula provides a longlasting, high level of protection for your pet.

For people, this spray provides 7 hours of protection from ticks, which can quickly pass on Lyme disease and 8-hour protection from mosquitoes, which spread chikungunya and dengue.

For your pet, this spray provides 8 hours of protection from sand flies, which can pass leishmaniasis and 5 hours of protection from ticks which can pass on piroplasmosis.


For people and pets.

Recommended Use:

Shake well before use.

- To spray on people, spray on skin then spread with your hand. To apply on the face, spray into your palms and then spread over the face. For the parts of the body such as arms, we recommend 2-3 sprays. Do not use on children less than 2 years old.

-  On animals, spray on their fur, holding the can 10-15cm away. If necessary, brush and dry their coat so that the spray is evenly spread for optimal protection. For an area such as their back, we recommend 3-4 sprays.

For other treatments for your pet, we recommend you see the full tick repellent range.


N,N-di-ethyl-meta-toluamide, P-menthane-3,8 diol, Excipients q.s.p.


1 x 125ml spray.