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Beaphar Mini Fogger Insectiside housing 75ml

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Association of insecticide with larvicide for houses, mini-Fogger treatment ends infestations of insects and mites, in particular chips.

This spray diffuser allows a total action through 3 substances:Permethrin which is an insecticide to quick and effective action on adult insects.The butoxyde Piperonyl which enhances the insecticidal power.The (S) - methoprene which has a larvicide action.

The dispersion of insecticides and larvicidal subtances by broadcaster aerosol allows to reach the eggs, larvae and adult insects hidden and buried in the carpet, carpeting, baseboards of the walls, cracks in the floors, etc.

Your home is protected for 6 months.

Directions for use:

Protects your home against insects, and especially the chips all. The dispersion of insecticidal substances is made by spray diffuser.

Contains the pertethrine (iso) extremely flammable aerosol. Pressure vessel can burst under the effect of heat. Causes a skin irritation. Can cause a skin allergy.


Permethrin (case # 52645-53-1) 14.5 g/LPiperonyl butoxyde (case No. 51-03-6) 43.6 g/L(S) - methoprene (case No. 65733-16-6) 1.36 g/L

Classification Biocide: Insecticide PT18


Diffuser spray 75 ml.

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