S Fogger Insecticide housing 150ml


SKU: 9215001 s Fogger Insecticide housing 150 ml

Properties: insecticide and larvicidal association for the treatment of homes against insects and mites, in particular against the fleas. duration of larvicidal action helps protect the habitat during 6 months. operating tips: do not spray animals. Begin by measuring the surface in your home and provide a fogger for 60 m 2 surface. Turn off any appliance in operation, any flame or any source of heat. close all windows, open all interior doors and cabinets. Remove the food and kitchen utensils. Keep animals and move or cover aquaria. place the aerosol in the center of each area to be treated. Press tab until it is blocked. The broadcast begins. leave the room to process and close the door. spraying of insecticides and larvicides products will continue until complete emptying of the bottle. Wait 3 hours then ventilate during 1 h. Do not overdose. Composition: -permethrin which is a rapid and effective action on the adult insect insecticide -Piperonyl butoxide, which potentiates the insecticide permethrin. power -Methoprene which has larvicidal action : it is an analog of insect growth, it works by blocking the development of eggs and larvae of insects cycle.