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Beaphar Fipro Habitat diffuser 200ml automatic

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Beaphar Fipro Habitat diffuser automatically eliminates the adult parasites, eggs and their larvae.

It has a double action: both insecticide and acaricide against flying and crawling pests.This automatic diffuser and spray kills fleas, lice, ticks, chiggers, bug bed, gales, spiders, ants, cockroach and moth, thanks to its formulation to 3 active database:

  • Permethrin, which is a powerful insecticide to immediate action.
  • Of the name butoxyde, which increases the insecticide permethrin power.
  • The (S) - methoprene, which blocks the development of eggs and larvae, preventing the proliferation of insects.

This spray has an immediate action. He déparasite the habitat and environment of the animal (basket, niche, sofa, car, accessories, etc.)It allows to reach the eggs, larvae and adult insects hidden in carpets, carpeting, baseboards, cracks etc.It can be used both as a manual spray for target or use as a diffuser of automatic processing of surfaces up to 80 m 2.


Automatic diffuser against the adult parasites, eggs and larvae.

Directions for use:

Manual broadcast:Spray the places likely to host insects, at a distance of 30 cm.Test first on a small area to limit the risk of tasks.

, Auto-run:Switch off all electrical devices in operation, any flame and heat sources.Close doors and windows. Open interior doors and closets.Keep away the animals and move or cover aquaria.Remove the food and kitchen utensils.

Place the aerosol at the center of the area to be treated.A product can treat up to 80 m2 of surface. not to broadcast all of the aerosol in one room equal to or less than 5 m2.Start the broadcast, which will continue until the bottle is completely empty (about 3 minutes).This broadcast mode can be stopped in use, which offers the possibility to treat several areas.

Wait 3 hours then air out the room for an hour. During this time, do not stay in the room.


Permethrin, name Butoxyde, (s) - methoprene, excipients qsp 1 L.


Bottle spray 200 ml.

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