Beaphar Antiparasite Anti-Flea Spray for Cats 100ml

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This spray provides efficient protection for cats against fleas. The spray solution contains Propoxur, an external pest treatment from the carbamate family which are renowned for their flea and insect killing benefits, thus immediately eliminating fleas from your cat.This spray pump allows for over a month and a half of treatment fro an adult cat weighing 3kg.Discover more excellent Beaphar products here!


Anti-flea spray for use on cats. For use on parasites affected to propoxur. Prevention for 7 days for cats.

Recommended Use:

Apply the solution to the entirety of the fur by using a fur brush. Take care to avoid the mouth and eyes of the cat. After treatment, rub the cat down. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe the cat to limit the possibility of ingestion through licking. Dosage:300mg/m2 of body surface i.e. 5 to 6 sprays per kg of body weight. For a cat of 3kg, 12.5ml of lotion i.e. 18 spraysFor a cat of 5kg, 17.5ml of lotion i.e. 25 sprays.


Take care not to administer the product near the eyes. In case of contact,  rinse thoroughly with water. Ensure that the animal does not lick itself afterwards. Counter-indications:Do not use on cats that are sick or recovering from illness. Do not use on cats with wide skin lesions. Do not use on kittens younger than 4 months. Do not use on cats that are nursing. Use in case of pregnancy or nursing cats:No studies have been undertaken to this regard and thus it is not advised to use the product on pregnant or nursing cats.Use alongside medication:Do not use this product together with other insecticides inhibiting cholinesterases. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. In case of accidentally getting the product in one's eyes, consult a doctor immediately. It is recommended to wear domestic-use gloves when administering the product. Wash hands after use. Store away from food and drink as well as animals. Do not drink, eat or smoke when using the product. Overdose:In case of overdose, main symptoms are shaking, loss of coordination, hypothermia, loud breathing possibly accompanied by an increase in the production of saliva, tears, nasal mucous or bronchial or digestive discharges. In this instance, the antidote recommended is atropine sulfate. 


Propoxur: 497.8mg, excipient QS 10ml.


100ml spray.