Bausch & Lomb Aqualarm 20 Single Dose

SKU: 7808248


These eye drops based on carbomer and ions lubricate the eye surface, and provide a transparent film to lubricate the eyes and act like natural tear drops.

The carbomer forms a homogeneous, stable and transparent layer that covers the eye. It spreads easily over the surface of the eye and thus creates a mechanical protection of the epithelium (cell on the surface of the eye). This has a longlasting glow to your eyes, therefore requires less frequent administration. PH and osmolarity are similar to those of natural tears.


Aqualarm is used for any feeling of dry eyes, eyestrain or other minor aches and pains related to your eyes.

For excessive eye irritation, and frequent issues of eyestrain we recommend you see the full eye care range.

Recommended Use:

Remove the dose container, open by turning the nozzle.

Instil one drop of solution in the inner corner of the eye looking upwards and pulling slightly the lower down eyelid. Apply 4 to 5 times per day.


Carbomer 980: 2mg per 1g of solution.


20 doses.