Bailleul Biorga Verlim Verruca Treatment 7.5ml

protective varnish and limes to protect the skin treatments verrucides.
Manufacturer: Bailleul Biorga
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SKU: 6406849 Verlim varnish Protection and Limes 7.5 ml


Verlim is a veneer of protection and limes designed to protect the skin healthy all around the wart. In fact, warts are covered with product escharotic which attacks healthy skin.

Thus, this varnish protects the skin treatments verrucides.

It is therefore a protective varnish for dermatological use applicator with limes.

Protected, can occlude and file the skin.

protective Verlim varnish and Limes operating tips:

  • protection: Verlim apply using the brush around the lesion to be treated (wart).

  • occlusion: after complete drying of outpatient treatment and to ensure better efficiency, Verlim can be used depending on the lesion to be treated as Occlusive doctor's prescription. In this case, directly apply the varnish on the injury to treat using the brush and allow to dry.

  • filing: overnight or next doctor's prescription, the part of the treated lesion (wart) can be removed by filing superficially without bleed before renewing the external treatment.


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