Babysoin Saline Serum Nasal and Ophthalmic Solution 30 Single Doses

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Saline solution for baby's hygiene and softness. Nasal and ocular passage.

Manufacturer: Cooper



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This saline solution from Cooper is made for your baby's hygiene and softness.


Rhinology: washing of the nasal cavities when they are congested with mucous or muculopurulent secretions.

Ophthalmology: cleaning the eyelids, irrigation of the bottom of the conjunctival sac.

Directions for use

Wash hands thoroughly. Detach a single-dose vial and open it by turning the flattened upper part.

Rhinology: wash in each nostril, 1 to 6 times a day as needed.

Ophthalmology: use the serum 1 to 6 times a day according to the baby's needs.  The instillations are made directly by jet when pressing lightly on the product. Be careful not to put the bottle in direct contact with the surface of the eye and wipte away any excess with a cotton wool compress.

Warnings for use:

Rhinology: Do not violently blow your nose for at least ten minutes after the administration of the product, wipe your nose instead.

Ophtalmology: if you have taken a course of treatment using eye drops, wiat 15 minutes before administration.


30 5ml Single Doses.

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