Avène Denséal Cream 100ml

Reduces the first skin of the dermatoporosis signs
Manufacturer: Avène


SKU: 9652224 Avne Denseal cream 100 ml

Properties: specific care that helps mitigate the first cutaneous signs of the dermatoporosis on the areas of the body weakened by time. during aging, the skin often becomes very thin and very fragile, particularly at the level of the forearms and legs. This fragility manifested by lower resistance to the daily gestures, including leaving the track in bluish marks or lesser shock. This is what is called the "dermatoporosis". the Spa of Avene, in France, is specialized for more than two centuries in the dermatologist's sensitive skin treatment. Thanks to the soothing and anti-irritant Avne thermal water properties demonstrated by numerous works of scientific research, the Avene dermatological laboratories have created a complete line of dermo-cosmetics for sensitive skin care. operating tips: Apply cream in the evening on the areas concerned. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening.