Avène Couvrance Eyebrow Pencil Brown

Pencil corrector eyebrows. 02 Brown + tip brush. redraws the eyebrows.

Manufacturer: Avène



SKU: 4639199 Avene coverage pencil corrector eyebrows Brown 1.45 g

indications: pencil corrector eyebrows. 02 Brown + tip brush. redraws the eyebrows. sensitive skin. Without fragrance - conservative. Les Duos corrective eyebrows can conceal blemishes definitive or temporary eyebrows: sparse eyebrows, eyebrows, scars, alopecia areata depletion, loss of the eyebrows-related drug therapies.

Designed with a minimum of ingredients, correction pens eyebrows have a covering power, thanks to their high percentage of pigment, and allow to redraw the eyebrows with powder and matte result very natural. Practical, they are equipped with a brush tip. Optimal tolerance, correction pens eyebrows do not contain perfume or conservative and can be used on most injured skin.

operating tips: choose the corresponding tint to the color of your eyebrows. Apply the concealer pencil from the bottom to the top. Fade with the tip of the brush to degrade color and get a very natural result. Regularly trim the mine of the pencil with a suitable pencil size.

composition: ethylhexyl isostearate, neopentyl glycol diethylhexanoate, euphorbia cerifera wax, copernicia cerifera wax, ceresin, kaolin, nylon-12, paraffin, magnesium aluminum silicate, ascorbyl palmiate, tocopherol, iron oxides, bismuth oxychloride, mica, titanium dioxide.