Auriga Aureven gel refreshing legs tube 80 ml

Gel refreshing for heavy and tired legs. Effect of drainage and invigorating...
Manufacturer: Auriga


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Auriga Aureven gel refreshing legs tube 80 ml


Relieves heavy and tired legs. Reduces pain and swelling. Allows an optimal lymphatic drainage. A feeling of well-being and lightness.

Thanks to its unique formula to base of Ginkgo Biloba, red vine and essential oils, Aureven gel will immediately relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, allowing a better irrigation of blood vessels. These active ingredients are known for their anti-oxidant properties but also for their favorable effects on blood circulation.

Aureven gel will also reduce the pain and cramps. It is also composed of essential oil of peppermint and camphor, which is one of the powers of tone and refresh legs instantly. Aureven gel brings the legs a pleasant feeling of well-being and lightness.

Using advice:

Apply Aureven gel at least twice a day, morning and evening (and more, if necessary). Massage until complete penetration of the product. Wash hands after use. In order to preserve your comfort in any situation, Auriga has developed a unique and special formula that allows to directly apply the gel through nylon stockings. No trace will be visible once the Frost penetrated.


Main asset Ginkgo Biloba: affects blood circulation and the fragility of the small vessels. Vitis vinifera: invigorates the blood vessels and improves the resistance of these. It is in synergy with Ginkgo Biloba.

Cypress essential oil: operates at the level of the lymphatic drainage and tones up the venous circulation.

Essential of peppermint and camphor oil: here are useful to relieve and deflate the legs and feet.

Also useful for the feeling of freshness they provide.

Oil essential of Romarin officinal: reduces pain and cramps.

Carrot: improves the appearance of skin by a reduction of the hyper-vasodilatation of capillaries.