Atelier Sarrasin Gluten-Free Fennel Biscuits 130g

Gluten-free fennel biscuits for the perfect aperitif!

Manufacturer: Atelier Sarrasin

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Atelier Sarrasin Organic Fennel Biscuits are delicious gluten-free shortbreads to serve as an aperitif.
They are made in France in a company that uses buckwheat flour.
Buckwheat is not a grain, it's a naturally gluten-free seed.
For the production of these infamous biscuits, buckwheat seeds are milled on the spot for maximum freshness.
Fennel blends perfectly with buckwheat.
These shortbreads are crispy and gluten free! 

Directions for use

To be served as an aperitif. 


Buckwheat flour *, non-hydrogenated palm cream *, cream of rice *, dehydrated fennel, salt, creamy tartar, essential oil of fennel *.
* Ingredients from organic farming.
Nutritional values (per 100g):
Energy value: 2110kJ - 505kcal
Fat: 28.3g including saturated fat: 12.1g
Carbohydrates: 51.8g of which sugars: inf 2.5g
Food fiber: 3,5g
Protein: 9.1g
Salt: 2.24g


Packet 130g.