Armonia regenerating cream snail 50ml

Wrinkle cream - stain - cell repair - regenerative cream concentrated extract of Aloe vera and snail mucus, with SPF SPF 12.

Manufacturer: Armonia

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The Cream Regeneratrice in base of concentrated extract of slime, snail and aloe vera, with SPF 12 sunscreen factor allows to moisturize, protect and regenerate the skin.

Through its effective assets, the extract concentrated of snail slime is naturally rich in allantoin, collagen, elastin, acid glycolic, vitamins, and enriched with Aloe vera.

Snails are stimulated to secrete mucus, which is ultimately subject to a process of purification, concentration and standardization of its physicochemical and microbiological constants.

The Cream Regeneratrice Armonia laboratories snail has a formula without parabens and brings the skin everything it needs.

Surprising results are clinically proven.


Proteins (composition close to that of the DermIS), Allantoin (promotes the regeneration of the skin), vitamins (A, C, E and B), Alpha hydroxyacides (reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum), minerals and micronutrients, Mucopolysaccharides (powerful moisturizers)