Arkopharma Coenzyme Q10 Arkovital 45 Capsules

Dietary supplement to provide your body with Coenzyme Q10.

Manufacturer: Arkopharma

SKU: 3046927


Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant.
It protects the body cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. 
It is produced by the body and small amounts are found in food.
It is therefore necessary for the body's proper functioning of the body.
The COENZYME Q10 usually found in food is also produced naturally by the body.
The reduction of COENZYME Q10 in the body is mainly related to ageing, intense physical exertion, stress and heavy consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Directions for use

Take 1-4 capsules daily with a large glass of water. 
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet. For a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, seek medical advice.


Sunflower oil
Thickener: Beeswax
Coenzyme Q10
Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin
Antioxidant: Extract Rich in Tocopherols
Envelope: Gelatin, Dyes: Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
1 capsule contains 50 mg of CoQ 10.
For 1 capsule: Coenzyme Q10 ... 50mg


Box of 45 capsules.