Arko essential essential oil 5ml Ceylon cinnamon


SKU 2943668 Arko essential oil essential cinnamon of Ceylon 5 ml

Properties Arkential cinnamon of Ceylon HE:

Essential oil 100% pure and natural to the following properties:

The essential oils, volatile aromatic substances of plant origin are extracted by distillation (water vapour training) of the part of the richest gas plant, or expression cold of zest in the case of citrus.


Arkential cinnamon of Ceylon HE operating tips:

The essential oil of Cinnamon of Ceylon can be used.

Broadcast: 10-15 minutes per hour, 3 to 4 times a day, must be mixed with other essential (Citrus) oils or essential oils, and minority in this mixture.

Massage: Necessarily minority in a mixture of essential oil, 10 drops diluted in 1 to 2 teaspoons tbsp vegetable oil oily Arko essential and on a very limited body surface.

Culinary flavoring: 1 to 2 drops about


Arkential cinnamon of Ceylon HE warnings:

For any other use, ask your pharmacist or doctor aromatherapist. Do not use pure.

Avoid contact with eyes.