Argiletz Fine Ground Green Clay 1kg

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Fine Ground Green Clay 1 kg of Argiletz is a fine-textured clay, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements.


For oily skin, regularly used as a mask, Fine Ground Green Clay 1 kg of Argiletz cleanses, absorbs excess sebum, rebalances, stimulates the natural defences to give the face a new complexion.

Used as a plaster or poultice, green clay this treatment offers real comfort to your skin (relieves inflammation, fights against pathogens, accelerates healing, purifies, remineralises, etc.). 

Fine Ground Green Clay 1 kg of Argiletz composed of 100% natural clay, without preservatives or ionisation is suitable for all skin types.
Composition :
100% Green Clay

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A. Anonymous
  the 14/06/2019
5/ 5
Green clay will change your life. It treats many non acute conditions, whether taken orally dissolved in water, or applied topically wherever doesn't feel right. It's real. I was skeptical when I first tried, but my life long allergies disappeared after the first 3 weeks of cure, and I hadn't even started to treat my allergies.