Argiletz Ultra-Ventilated Pink Clay Mask 200g

SKU: 34015480827


The Ultra-Ventilated Pink Clay Care 200g of Argiletz with absorbent and detoxifying properties has a high content of minerals with hydrophilic properties.  It helps to purify and soothe hypersensitive skin without the risk of allergy.

Directions for use

Used as a mask it cleanses, absorbs excess sebum, to restore the radiance of the complexion, softness and cleanliness.
Used on the hair, it sheathes it, makes it shiny and vigorous for a silky touch.
Used in the bath it softens and revitalizes the skin.


Space Pink Kaolin 63 %, Aqua 33 %, Montmorillonite.

The Ultra-Ventilated Pink Clay 200g of Argiletz without preservatives or ionization is suitable for sensitive skin.