Aquaporin Active Eucerin cream all Types of skins SPF25 50ml

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Care daily moisturising long duration for all skin types

Manufacturer: Eucerin



SKU: 0012808 Aquaporin Active Eucerin cream all Types of skins SPF25 50ml



The cream Aquaporin Active is a treatment that is suitable for all skin types even the skins sensbibles. This cremeapporte intense and lasting hydration to your skin.

His Gluco-glycerol-based formula allows for better circulation of the water in the epidermis and thus improves hydration level. Your skin regains its flexibility. One of its main features is its duration of action on the skin. Indeed, the skin is hydrated and protected for 24 hours.

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, it helps relieve the tension of the skin and contributes strongly to his comfort throughout the day.

This treatment has been designed snas perfume for a better tolerance of sensitive skin.

This cream has the particularity of having a solar index SPF25 as well as UVA protection which protects your skin on a daily basis against the Sun and the potential reactions due to lasting exposure.

Its light texture absorbs quickly and is very pleasant to the touch.


For all skin types.

For sensitive skin.

Operating tips

Apply morning and/or evening, as a daily care and can be used as an excellent make-up base.