Apaisyl repellent mosquitoes 30ml

Mosquito repellent lotion for face and body, tropical

Manufacturer: Apaisyl

SKU: 2120926 Apaisyl repellent mosquitoes 30ml

Properties: Apaysil repellent mosquitoes tropics effectively pushes European and tropical insects up to 8 hours: mosquito, mosquito tigre, but also the ticks. it can also contribute to keep away wasps, bees and flies. It is one of the possible actions of protection against vectors of malaria, dengue and chikungunya. Does not stain clothes and allows 300 sprays. operating tips: spray on all discovered areas of the face and the body, by protecting the eyes and mucous membranes. for the face, spray the product on their hands , then apply on the cheeks and forehead. then wash hands. renew the application if necessary no more than 3 applications per day reapply after swimming.