Anti-Snoring Nasal Expander Large Size

Nasal strips transparent anti-snoring to improve your respiratory comfort.

Manufacturer: Quies

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SKU: 7157100


Nasal strips transparent plugs.

They gently spread the wings of the nose to improve air flow and provide greater respiratory comfort.  They decrease snoring and provide better breathing in any circumstance.The strips are transparent, flexible and comfortable.They are suitable also for sports activities to help athletes breathe during exercise. They offer a perfect adhesion to the wings of the nose for several hours through a layer of rigid PET and acrylic adhesive.


To prevent snoring.

Directions for use:

Clean and dry the nose, then remove the protective film.Apply the Strip on the central part of the nose by pressing with your fingers so that it adheres well to the skin.To remove the Strip, moisten with a little water and gently remove.


PET, acrylic adhesive.


24 nasal strips.