Anise of Flavigny organic Tangerine 50g

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Candy Tangerine organic anise of Flavigny is a treat of treats for young and old. A seed of anise to hot and spicy flavor is topped sugar and associated with the taste of Mandarin. This citrus aroma brings a fresh, fruity and tropical.

The box, beautiful and original thanks to the fineness of his drawings, is a small format for to take anywhere. Slip it in your pocket or in your purse to be able to savor a sweet wherever you are!

Sucking, these sweets to the crunchy texture based under the tongue.

They are made by hand to cœur of the benedictine Abbey Saint-Pierre in Flavigny-on-Ozerain, in Gold Coast.

The product is certified "agriculture biologique". " There is no allergen.


Candy Tangerine and anise.

Directions for use:

Hard sucking candy. Do not bite.

Keep sheltered from the Sun and dust, in a dry place.


Aroma of Mandarin with other natural flavors, organic anise seed, sugar.


A box of 50g.