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Always Ultra Normal Plus with finned Pack economic 26 towels

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SKU 0065077 Always Ultra Normal Plus with finned Pack economic 26 towels

During menstruation, it is necessary to protect themselves. Indeed, it should not stain his clothes and need to feel safe. Hygienic towels can be protected and allow menstrual flow do not leak and stain clothes.


Since its inception,

the brand Always offers a wide range of sanitary towels: Always Ultra Infinity Always, Always Collection silk, Secure Night and Always Always Maxi. They are all adapted to the different times of day, menstrual flow and women.

Always Ultra Normal Plus towels are offered with fins for a protection on the sides and a good posture. They protect smells longer. They are intended for normal and abundant streams. In addition, they neutralize odors instead of just hide them.

Its sanitary napkins have:

  • technology superFit to hold the towel in place,

  • a protective veil also soft as cotton,

  • light scent for a sensation of freshness,

  • a super blue heart absorbing that transform liquid gel to feel protected,

  • contours Secureguard to keep menstrual flow along the edges.

Thanks its towels Always Ultra Normal Plus, you be protected throughout the day and odors do not exist.

Always Ultra Normal Plus operating tips:

Wash hands before use.

Remove all packaging and retain for put the used towel. Place the adhesive side of the towel in the center of the panties. Do not place the towel too backward or forward.

To throw a used towel, remove the panties and wrap it in the package of the new towel. And then throw it all in the trash and not in the toilet.

change of towels regularly.


these sanitary towels are tested dermatologically.

They should not be flushed down the toilet.

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