Alere SD Ezi Tube + 10µL 25 pieces

Bag of 25 eyedroppers pastor of 10 µl for blood samples.

Manufacturer: Alere

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These small pipettes allow you to take blood samples in order to get the amount needed for your various tests.

Easy to use, anyone can use them without putting blood on the test strips.

Directions for use:

Before use:Check the amount of blood required to do the test, watch the length of the capillary tube to the amount of levy, as well as the State of your Ezi-Tube

Use:Make a drop of blood on the tip of the finger using a finger pricker.Put the tip of the capillary tube over the drop and collect the blood until the black line.Ask the levy about the test strip collection by gently pressing the head of the pipette.Throw the Ezi-Tube + in a suitable place (trash adapted to care waste, yellow)

Attention:The Ezi-Tube + worn can cause infections.Pay attention to not collect bubbles during the withdrawal.Air bubbles can skew the test results led to a wrong amount of levy.Ezi-Tube + is sensitive to moisture.Make sure you have closed the bag containing the rest of the nipples during storage.If Ezi-Tube + is exposed at room temperature for too long, use another Ezi-Tube +.Be on to apply the sample on completeness of the hole of the pipette.


Bag of 25 eyedroppers