A-Derma Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar DUO 2 x 100g

Bread cold cream oatmeal Rhealba, milk gently cleanses irritated or reactive

Manufacturer: Aderma

SKU: 2657661

Aderma bread amount to milk oats 2x100g


Dermatological bread Rhealba oat milk, gently cleanses irritated or reactive everything in soothing and softening them. SOAP-free, no colouring. Hygiene of irritated, recommended for babies and children toilet.

tips to use:

Use morning and evening.


Total 12% rhealba oat extract. Superfatting agent: 32%. Complex d 'hemisulfosuccinate and d' isethionate d "fatty alcohols. pH 6.5. Fragrance-free. Compatibility sensitive skin / reactive. Fragrance-free. Unpreserved.