Abbott Total Care 30ml cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution for contact lenses that are rigid and permeable to gas.

Manufacturer: Abbott



SKU: 7410232


The Total Care of the Abbott Laboratories cleaning solution allows you to properly clean your contact lenses, in depth. Used daily, it helps protect the lenses to improve the quality of vision, and prolongs their life.


Product for rigid and permeable contact lenses to the gas.

Directions for use:

Do not use the Total Care cleaning solution directly in l ' eye. If the plug is damaged, do not use the product. Use not for soft contact lenses. Do not rinse your lenses and their case with the tap water.


Drift amphotere imidazolinique (5.1%), anionic alkylethersulfate (0.48%), non ionic fatty acid amide (2.2%).


30ml bottle.