Abbott Blink Intensive Tears 20 Doses

Lubricant eye drops, a daily care to keep eyes healthy.

Manufacturer: Abbott

SKU: 4819435


The Abbott Blink Intensive Tears have been specially formulated to provide high hydration to your eyes. This solution reduces eye tiredness, the feeling of dryness and irritation. Suitable for those who wear contact lenses. It has been elaborated and refined so closely to natural tears. Through providing such effective hydration, these eye drops leave your eyes gleaming.


These eye drops can be used with any type of contact lens.

Recommended Use:

Use a dose of 0.4ml if you feel your eyes are dry, tired or feel irritated. After use, throw the used dose away and do not reuse.

We recommend you see the full eye care range to keep eyes bright, healthy and renewed.


Polyethylene Glycol 400 (Peg 400): 0.25%. Sodium Hyaluronate (Viscosity Enhancer): 0.2%. Mixing Buffers and Electrolytes to Approach Real Tears.


Box of 20 doses x 0.4ml.