50 tone Juvamine and + 30 tablets

Effervescent tablets of vitamins and minerals associated with ginseng and bilberry.

Manufacturer: Juvamine

SKU: 2065136


Juvamine has developed a new formula of tablets effervescent Bilayers, designed to strengthen the tone after 50 years.

Without sugar, and with a delicate tropical taste, they promote the vitality and comfort, Visual by strengthening the bone to avoid your bones become brittle.Part of this tablet contains Bilberry and of the Siberian Ginseng, the other is enriched in vitamins and minerals. The Siberian Ginseng is known for its tonic properties physical and intellectual, and blueberry promotes the health of your eyes.

Vitamin D and calcium promote the maintenance of a normal frame. These tablets are so perfect to combat declines in transient forms.

Directions for use:

Every morning, immerse one effervescent tablet in a glass of 200ml of water. Make sure you don't not on an empty stomach before taking. This 30 day program may be renewed if necessary.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a dry place and away from heat. Keep out the reach of children. Should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Acidifier: Citric acid powder to lift: Sodium Bicarbonate, Mineral (aluminate Phosphate: Load Agent: Sorbitol, Mineral: Magnesium Carbonate, vitamin C, bilberry Fruit extract: 2.1%, Siberian Ginseng root extract: 1.7% aroma, Agent in Charge: Polyethylene Glycol, vitamin E, Mineral, iron Sulfate, dye: Beta-apo-carotenal-8 Mineral, sulphate of Zinc, niacin, sweeteners: Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium, Pantothenic acid) , Vitamin A, Mineral, Manganese Sulfate, sweeteners: Sucralose, vitamin B12, vitamin D, folic acid, Mineral, Potassium Iodide, vitamin B6, Thiamine, riboflavin, minerals, chromium chloride, biotin Sodium Molybdate.


Box of 30 tablets.