4711 water of Cologne spray 60ml

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Cologne water - original and secret formula of the House 4711-Vaporisateaur - 60 ml

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Known worldwide, the classic fragrance House 4711 Water of Cologne is known to bring a positive infuence on the body and mind for 222 years.

The secret of the formula is guarded jealously, and its originality results from the jealous attention which is paid to the choice of ingredients and oils essntielles and their impeccable quality.

TheOriginal water of Cologne 4711 you charm by the vitalizing of the bergamot notes, lemon and Orange, perfectly harmonized with lavender, Rosemary and Neroli (essential oil extracted from flowers of Orange) to the soothing and relaxing effect.

Opt for the original formula of thewater of Cologne 4711 and its impact positf on your body and your state of mind through a unique and secret recipe for more than 2 centuries.