150 true false on essential oils - by Isabelle Pacchioni

150 questions about aromatherapy by Isabelle Pacchioni

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SKU: 6806903 150 true false on essential oils - by Isabelle Pacchioni

the therapeutic benefits of essential oils are real? Essential oils create allergies? Is this good for the children? And for my baby? Essential oils have an anti-stress effect? What is their effect on sleep, indoor pollution, headaches? The answers to these questions are in the last book of Isabelle Pacchioni

Isabelle Pacchioni, recognize the info of the intox

Aromatherapy, 150 true/false on essential oils is a household of received ideas and book key of aromatherapy.Isabelle Pacchioni unveils the truth about essential oils through 150 questions.

Isabelle Pacchioni gives you the keys to aromatherapy

His mother herbalist, Naturopath, Isabelle Pacchioni father inherits a love and knowledge of plants it transmits and share volontiee.

in 2005, with the collaboration of physicians, pharmacists, and specialists in aromatherapy, formulators she created Puressentiel: a range of essential oils and aromatherapy care ready and available in pharmacy or pharmacy:

  • ready to use, forms
  • a range of essential oils unit (Puressentiel Expert),
  • a range of natural and organic cosmetics.

biography of Isabelle Pacchioni

Since childhood, Isabelle Pacchioni has been "impregnated" by nature and raised in respect of the natural health. Largely through his parents. A passion for plants which has, since then, never denied.

today, not less than 17 scientific studies of effectiveness (in vivo and in vitro) validate the activity of products Puressentiel.